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FTTx | Trench | Earthworks

R.E.D. Konstruktion GmbH provide specialist Asphalt restoration works for Fttx rollout projects throughout Germany. Our services include base layer (Tragschicht) cut back and preparation & Top layer finish (Deckschicht).
In addition, we provide road crossing repair, patch, and restoration & house connection open trench reinstatement. 

road construction
road construction


Gas | Water | Electrics

R.E.D. support and undertake all forms of open trench restoration for gas, water, sewage & electrical providers, our expert engineers are adapt to reading detailed plans and measurements, and have a proven track record to work to the highest standards. We work closely with the local authorities to ensure all health and safety obligations are adhered to and work collaborative with other onsite contractors. 


Motorways | Residential Road | Streetworks

R.E.D. are able to take on large scale highway and city projects with a vast coverage area. Our scope includes residential full road reinstatement, highway and motorway renovation & urban and rural maintenance contracts for repair and rebuild. Our advanced equipment and latest technology provide R.E.D. with the platform to undertake all types of Asphalt works within Germany and Western Europe.

road construction
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